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Lyrics for Jabberwocky
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the little boy from south Taiwan
is brought to us against his will
He fits right in, he does

he took so long to understand
for a good bedtime that he’d go for nine cutoffs
they probably killed them, break up they’re coming down
I rub a curtain they grow like a tub again
or send a mechanic to break him a nugget

mom and dad can love him though
their skin and hair don’t really match
That’s why when it comes to white socks,
no better than Tide action with
Fill the measuring cup to the first line
marked “1” for moderate loads with clothes of white color
or fill the measuring cup to the second line marked
“2” for heavy loads that are out of your reach

turn to the sun and finally awake
turned a noble act of welcoming rotten

within the next fifteen minutes
and you’ll receive not one but two
children who love to hold you
That’s why they sponsor the

If we had a good time breaking it up will love now.
Would you like a toboggan? I could hang up but let her go
fall rub it, get down, they had to write over for her
chew drop it God, to the Vatican gold


There’s the motivation
Flashing colors and packaged deals
Our folk
aren’t enough



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