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|title = Why Bother?
|albumart = <!A-tribute- The filename of the (obviously already uploaded) photo, such as helloto-pinkerton.jpg (optional) -->PNG
|writer = Rivers Cuomo
|singer = [[Rob Cantor]]
|album = Engine Room Recordings Presents: A Tribute to Pinkerton
|duration = 1:42
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<!-- '''SONG TITLEWhy Bother?''' is a song by the band Weezer that originally appeared on the album "Pinkerton". [[WRITERRob Cantor]]covered it as a contribution to a tribute album. MORE INFO GOES HERE Visit [http://www.Below are some suggested headingsengineroomrecordings. com/err-new-release-engine-room-recordings-presents-a-tribute-to->pinkerton/ here] for more information on the album. 


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