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Added information on coverage for those not just played live by Tally Hall
* Gonna Fly Now (by DeEtta Little)
* Happy Together (by The Turtles)
* Jump (by Van Halen, covered live as an extension of [[Variations on a Cloud]])
* La Bamba (by Ritchie Valens)
* Lady Madonna (by The Beatles, covered by [[Joe Hawley | Joe]] as a demo)
* Life in a Cube (by [[Casey Shea]], with Casey Shea)
* Maple Leaf Rag (by Scott Joplin)
* Praise You (by Fatboy Slim)
* Pure Imagination (from Willy Wonka)
* Space Oddity (by David Bowie, covered by [[Joe Hawley | Joe]] solo live)
* Stand By Me (by Ben E. King)
* The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill (by The Beatles)


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