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'''Hawaii: Part II''' is an album by [[ミラクルミュージカル]] and was released independently on 12/12/12, at 12:12:12 A.M. Four members of Tally Hall appear on this album: [[Joe Hawley]], [[Ross Federman]], [[Rob Cantor]], and [[Zubin Sedghi]]. [[Bora Karaca]] also appears. The album is categorised under "World" music on iTunes,<ref name="iTunes">[]</ref> however the whole album shifts between genres, including pop, rap, and ballads.
Guest and supporting artists include Lindsey Alvarez, Ryan Brady, Joel J. Dahl, Madi Diaz, Allison Hanna, Gregory James Jenkins, Charlene Kaye, Stephanie Koenig, Andrew Kurtz, Shane Maux, Adrianne Nigg, Ashlee Renee, Stephan Wunderlich.
On May 19th, 2014, Joe released an album of Hawaii: Part II 's demos, outtakes, and instrumentals and called it was digitally released, entitled: [[Hawaii: Part II: Part ii]].
You can These albums are currently available for purchase these albums by going to through  On December 31st, 2015, ミラクルミュージカル released [[Hawaii Partii]], an album of instrumental 8-bit style chiptunes based on Hawaii: Part II<ref name="Bandcamp">[]</ref> In 2018 a kickstarter was launched in an attempt to get the album pressed to vinyl. The campaign was successful, as 456 backers pledged $16,544 of it's $7000 goal.<ref name="Kickstarter">[ Kickstarter]</ref>
==Track listing==
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