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|singer = [[Joe Hawley]], Isaac Castor, Nabors
|album = n/a
|duration = 3:2221 |genre = Hip-Hop/Rap
|language = English
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'''Special''' is a song by [[Joe Hawley]]. It was [ uploaded to YouTube] on December 23, 2017, and uploaded to iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify a day later.   <!ref>[ Special -MORE INFO GOES HEREiTunes]</ref><ref>[https://open.Below are some suggested headingsspotify. -com/track/0qbqqILVkO0rRirRMmb1L5 Special -Spotify]</ref>
=== Trivia ===
everything else -->Special is the only song released under the name [[Joe Hawley]] that is available on Spotify and Apple Music. The copyright is listed under the record label as: "729374 Records DK", which means it was most likely distributed via online distribution service DistroKid.
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