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''Variations on a Cloud'' is a song by [[ミラクルミュージカル]]. It was given out as a bonus to customers who pre-ordered copies of [[Hawaii: Part II]]. It is listed as the zeroth track of [[Hawaii: Part II]], and, originally, did not come with the album download, but now does, if one were to purchase it through the Miracle Musical bandcamp page.<ref>[ Hawaii: Part II Bandcamp]</ref>
For a brief period It could be obtained by purchasing a physical postcard from the (now defunct) merch pageon the official site,<ref>[ Postcard Merch Webpage (Now defunct, as of 2018)] on the official site, </ref> which included a download code for the song along with a code for Hawaii Part: II, and a hand-drawn doodle signed by Joe Hawley.
This song features musical themes from [[Murders]], [[Isle Unto Thyself]], [[Dream Sweet In Sea Major]], and [[Ruler Of Everything]]. In an extended version of the song Hawley played in Ann Arbor in 2016, the song transitions to a cover of ''Jump'' by Van Halen with the backing track sampling ''Imagine'' by John Lennon.
It is unknown when the song was written, but instrumentals can be heard in the Tally Hall internet show outtakes<ref>[ Internet Show Outtakes]</ref>.
On the 11th of September 2015 a music video for Variations On A Cloud was uploaded to YouTube. The video is in memoriam to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack. The video splices together videos and pictures of the attack, overlayed with pictures and videos of clouds, in greyscale. The vocalists of the song are represented through coloured puppet characters.<ref>[ "ミラクルミュージカル – Variations on a Cloud " YouTube Video]</ref> The video originally had comments of confusion from the fans, many not knowing if it was supposed to be a joke or a genuine memoriam.
As of 2018, Variations on a Cloud is available for purchase on iTunes and to stream on Apple Music, with the release date being listed as 11th of September 2012,<ref>[ Variations on a cloud - iTunes]</ref> which coincides with 9/11, and is the day before Hawaii: Part II was released<ref>[ Hawaii: Part II Bandcamp]</ref>
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