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'''Labyrinth''' is a song by [[Joe Hawley]], Shane Maux and Charlene Kaye, sung by Shane Maux and Charlene Kaye. It is the 8th track on [[Hawaii: Part II]]. The music is based on a section of [[The Mind Electric]].
===Labyrinth Video & Video Game===
On August 23rd, 2014 the official Miracle Musical twitted tweeted a date: "12.13.14", the tweet was deleted shortly afterwards <ref>[ Hidden In The Sand]</ref>
On the teased date of 13th of December 2014, a music video for Labyrinth was released to YouTube<ref> Labyrinth Youtube Video</ref> and a PC based video game which went by the same name, developed by Wonderfling Studios was also released.<ref>[ Wonderfling Tumblr]</ref>
The music video was directed by Ben Luce who also worked closely with the producers at Wonderfling studios over the course of the game's production.
[[File:12004753_872933276124530_6338021307030290278_n.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Labyrinth Video Game Promotional Image]]
The game plays a top-down 2d adventure in the retro style of the music video, and it's soundtrack was later released as [[HawaiiPartii]]
On September 13th, 2015, an update was made to the Labyrinth video game, allowing for users to play the game on Mac OS X<ref>[ Update Facebook Post]</ref> As of 5th Dec, 2018, the game has been taken off the wonderfling website<ref>[ Wonderfling link for the game (broken)]</ref>
=== Trivia ===
everything else --Despite it being on Wikipedia's list of words without rhymes <ref>[ Wikipedia list of words without rhymes]</ref>Shane Maux rhymes the word "purple" with "hurdles" and "circles" in the first verse of the song
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