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|writer = Joe Hawley
|singer = [[Joe Hawley]], [[Rob Cantor]]
|album = n/aHawaii: Part II
|duration = 3:10
|genre = <!-- World -->
|language = English
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'''Variations on a Cloud''' is a song by [[ミラクルミュージカル]]. It was given out as a bonus to customers who pre-ordered copies of [[Hawaii: Part II]]. It is listed as the zeroth track of [[Hawaii: Part II]], and, originally, did not come with the album download, but now does, if one were to purchase it through the Miracle Musical bandcamp page.<ref>[ Hawaii: Part II Bandcamp]</ref>
For a brief period It could be obtained by purchasing a physical postcard from the (now defunct) merch page on the official site,<ref>[ Postcard Merch Webpage (Now defunct, as of 2018)]</ref> which included a download code for the song along with a code for Hawaii Part: II, and a hand-drawn doodle signed by Joe Hawley.
As of 2018, Variations on a Cloud is available for purchase on iTunes and to stream on Apple Music, with the release date being listed as 11th of September 2012,<ref>[ Variations on a cloud - iTunes]</ref> which coincides with 9/11, and is the day before Hawaii: Part II was released<ref>[ Hawaii: Part II Bandcamp]</ref>
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