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|singer = n/a
|album = [[Etudes]]
|duration = 0:4249
|genre = Classical
|language = n/a
'''Fast Etude''' is a song by [[Andrew Horowitz]].
A music video for the song was uploaded on 4/24/the 24th of April, 2018 is available here . The video contains footage that was either shot by Andrew or in the public domain<ref>[ etude. Music Video. YouTube.]</ref>
=== Trivia ===
everything else Duration of Fast Etude is 41 seconds on YouTube, 40 seconds on Spotify,<ref>[ Fast Etude. Spotify.]</ref> and is listed as 49 seconds on 'etudes (2003) sheet music'<ref>[ Image. Sheet Music song length.]</ref
===TabsChords/ChordsSheet Music?===I think distributing that for this without permission would be a violation of copyright?? so probably best not to.

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