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==Welcome to the Tally Hallmanac: The Ultimate Tally Hall Wiki!==
This wiki is a place for everyone to contribute towards creating the most comprehensively informative place on earth about the band [[Tally Hall]].
You are encouraged to add information for anything you see fit! You should also feel free to create new pages for anything that a new page of information warrants. If you need help with anything, we suggest you read [ this how-to] on formatting in Wiki language. You can also ask a Tally Hallmanac [[Staff|administrator]] if you have any further questions. Happy editing!
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* 12/25/18: The Tally Hallmanac is now mobile-friendly! It's not great, but it'll do for now!
* 12/22/18: A new YouTube parameter has been added to the [[Tour Date Archive]], for those with the time and inclination.
* 12/19/18: Email Notifications have been fixed. Get ready to start receiving notices about your watched pages being updated... as well as new user registration emails.

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