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'''Nathan Naimark''' is a an unreleased song by [[Tally Hall]]about contest-winner Nathan Naimark.
=== Trivia ===A contest was held by Tally Hall in early 2011, where the winner would receive their own personalised theme song.Nathan Naimark was announced as the winner on the 24th of June 2011<ref>[ Nathan being announced the winner. Tally Hall. Twitter.]</ref><ref>[ Nathan being announced the winner. Tally Hall. Facebook.]</ref>
The song was created for the winner of a personal theme-song contest can be heard on their Facebook pageHidden In The Sand's Soundcloud, before the 2011 tour. It can be listened to [here]<ref>[ Naimark Theme Song. Hidden In The Sand. Soundcloud.]!</ref> or tumblr page<ref>[ Nathan Naimark Theme Song. Hidden In The Sand. Tumblr.]</ref>
The unofficial artwork, that has gone hand-in-hand with the song, was made by Tony Patryn<ref>[ Tony Patryn as album artist. Tally Hall - Nathan Naimark Theme Song. YouTube. Comment.]</ref>
=== Nathan Naimark ===
Nathan himself was just a high school student when he won the contest<ref>[ jdhdp Reddit.]</ref> and in 2017 he appeared on NPR's 'This That Or The Other', where he talked about his theme song <i>"It was a contest. So it was a promotion for their album, which came out a couple years ago. It's a band called Tally Hall, which, unfortunately, doesn't exist anymore. Yeah. But they wrote this song. And now it just follows me around."</i>
The host, Ophira Eisenberg, quips that the song is very similar to the theme from "The Flintstones".<ref>[ This That Or The Other. NPR.]</ref>
Nathan went on to the final round of the show, but unfortunately, did not win.<ref>[ This That Or The Other. Part 2. NPR.]</ref>
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