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On March 31st , 2015 there was a "substantial" update to the game<ref>[ Update #1 Miracle Musical's facebook page.]</ref> and on September 13th, 2015, there was a second update, allowing for users to play the game on Mac OS X<ref>[ Update Facebook Post]</ref> On December 31st, 2015 an album of 8-bit versions of songs from Hawaii: Part II was released as "Hawaii Partii". A version of the album was originally downloaded with the game, but was uploaded to bandcamp for purchase. A version of Labyrinth features on the album as: [[Labyrinth (8-Bit)]]<ref>[ Hawaii Partii. Bandcamp.]</ref>
On July 22nd, 2017. YouTube user "Albert Q." uploaded a video of them speed-running the game in 17 minutes.<ref>[ "Labyrinth (Speed Run)". Albert Q. YouTube.]</ref>

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