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'''Note: As of November 11, 2018 at the latest, the Joe Hawley Joe Hawley website is not active because the domain name under Tucowsdomains expired.'''
'''Note: On April 16, 16th 2019, Joe Hawley released a backwards version of the album [["γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ"]] on bandcampBandcamp,<ref>[ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ bandcamp Bandcamp page]</ref> called [[γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ]]seemingly the same as Joe Hawley Joe Hawley, except the tracks are reversed, in a reverse order, and have reversed titles, presumably which may have been done to avoid get around copyright issuesas many of the tracks use samples. Aristotle's Denial is an exception to this, as it's title is "ΔΙAΨΕYΣH TOU APIΣTOTEΛH" and the song does not play in reverse.'''
On May 7th 2017 a music video was uploaded to Joe Hawley's YouTube page for 'Crazy F***'<ref>[ Crazy F*** Music Video]</ref>


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