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On June 20th, 2016 an advertisement entitled "Joe Hawley Advertisement 1" was uploaded to the Joe Hawley YouTube page, it . It is a 48 second long humorous, cryptic, and obtuse advertisement for the album, featuring The Ad Twins.<ref>[ Joe Hawley Advertisement 1]</ref> On July 16th, 2016 an addendum to the previous advertisement was posted to the YouTube Page<ref>[ Joe Hawley Advertisement 2]</ref> ; and on July 27th, 2016, a third advertisement was uploaded, which revealed the title of the musical project to be "Joe Hawley Joe Hawley"<ref>[ Joe Hawley Advertisement 3]</ref>
Joe Hawley Joe Hawley was initially planned to be released September 23, 2016, but there was a eighteen hour delay followed by a two-week delay. After the time had passed, the album underwent another two week delay and was finally released on October 21st, 2016 somewhere near 03:36:22 A.M.
After it's its initial release 'Joe Hawley Joe Hawley' could be obtained digitally through bandcamp,<ref>[ Joe Hawley Joe Hawley Bandcamp Page. LINK BROKEN.]</ref> however the link to the Bandcamp page became broken as of an unknown time.
On May 7th , 2017 a music video was uploaded to Joe Hawley's YouTube page for 'Crazy F***'<ref>[ Crazy F*** Music Video]</ref> and On June 22nd, 2017, an official lyric video for [[Rotary Park]] was also uploaded to YouTube.<ref>[ the official lyric video for Rotary Park]</ref>
As of November 11, 2018 the Joe Hawley Joe Hawley website became is defunct because the domain name under Tucowsdomains has expired.<ref>[ Joe Hawley Joe Hawley website. LINK BROKEN.]</ref>
Between October 31st, 2017, and December 5th, 2018, numerous demos, audio samples, and instrumental versions of the songs from 'Joe Hawley Joe Hawley' were uploaded to YouTube<ref> Joe Hawley YouTube channel.</ref>
==γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ==
On April 16th 2019, Joe Hawley released [[γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ]] on Bandcamp,<ref>[ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ Bandcamp page]</ref> and Spotify.<ref> γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ Spotify Page</ref> The album is the same as Joe Hawley Joe Hawley, except the tracks are reversed, in a reverse order, and have reversed titles, which . This was done to get around copyright issues as many of the tracks use samples. The only exception to this, is [[Aristotle's Denial]], which does not play in reverse.<ref> Aristotle's Denial. Spotify.</ref>
==Track listing==


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