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ΓɘlwɒH ɘoႱ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ

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'''γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ''' is an album by [[Joe Hawley]]. The album is, for the most part, a reversed version of the comedy hip-hop album [[Joe Hawley Joe Hawley]]. the album is most likely a way to get around copyrights, as much of Joe Hawley Joe Hawley relied on samples. The only track that seems to remain unchanged between releases is [[Aristotle's Denial]], which is titled "ΔΙAΨΕYΣH TOU APIΣTOTEΛH" on Bandcamp<ref>[ ΔΙAΨΕYΣH TOU APIΣTOTEΛH (Feat. Coijum Cojum Dip). Bandcamp.]</ref>.

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