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=== Background ===
The song was first revealed in a PledgeMusic update on June 29th 2016, which featured an in-progress music video with Alex and Joe rapping along to the lyrics. The <ref>[ "Hoodz 'n the Woodz" Music Video In Progress. 29th June, 2016.]</ref><ref>[ Hoodz 'n the Woodz Music Video In Progress. 2016. Archived by]</ref> A further update stated Joe and co. were hoping to have it animated in rotoscope fashionby the same team that worked on the 2001 film "Waking Life". The in-progress video was later removed from the PledgeMusic page. On May 21st 2019, the final music video premiered on YouTube, animated by Kaitlyn McQueen.<ref>[ Joe Hawley – Hoodz 'n the Woodz (ft. Alex Kessler). 2019. YouTube Music Video.]</ref>
=== Trivia ===
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