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===Early Life===Joe Hawley went to school Hickory Grove Elementary School and did well, even earning himself a Student of The Week certificatein 1988.Joe then attended Middle School in 1994, and started studying at Lahser High School in 1997.At In 2001, Joe attended the University of Michigan Joe Hawley's , where he studied screenwriting. His senior thesis was a short film entitled [[The Other Way]].<ref>[ The Other Way (by Joe Hawley). Uploaded: June 22nd, 2008. Uploaded to Vimeo by Scotty Eckenthal. Vimeo.]</ref>
In fall 2002, Joe Hawley founded the comedy troupe [[AnonyMous]],<ref>[ Joe Hawley's Instagram Page. 2019. Caption: "#fbf the club @uofmichigan I started (@anonyMous) (@sargasm)". Instagram.]</ref> who then went on to release a short film of their skits, entitled [[Sargasm]]<ref>[ Sargasm 2002. Uploaded: September 27th, 2019. YouTube.]</ref>. A lot of these skits would later find their way into [[Tally Hall's Internet Show]]. Joe graduated from the University of Michigan with honors in 2005.<ref name=whalejoey>[ Joe Hawley's personal website. Accessed June 5th, 2019.]</ref>
=== Joining Tally Hall ===
''I had been to a few parties at their house, but the only person I really knew there for a while was Laurich. During Fall Semester 2002, [[Rob]] formally introduced himself to me (”I live with Andrew Laurich”) at a Musicology lecture. We began to get lunch after class semi-regularly, swapping e-mails and so forth. He sent me a few recordings of himself, [[Andrew Horowitz]], and [[Zubin]] performing a small concert in the basement of the Frieze building, which used to be an academic facility on campus. I e-mailed him a couple of experimental tracks I had made over the summer for fun with my high school friend Andrew Kurtz: Covers of “Lady Madonna” by the Beatles and “Space Oddity” by David Bowie.''
''I was very surprised when Rob invited me to practice with his band one day; I had no intention of joining or committing to the project whatsoever. The idea of being in an actual band had never occurred to me. [[Steve Gallagher]] was invited around the same time (maybe a practice later or so), and Rob later told me that he thought I’d be an adequate lead guitarist based on some of the stuff I did in “Space Oddity.” I played a couple gigs with them (first as “Gallagher,” then as “540,” the address of their house) as a backup musician, but I didn’t really feel like part of the band until I suggested that we name it [[Tally Hall ]] and Rob actually listened. He subsequently proposed it to the group (Tally Hall was one of many names I suggested via e-mail), and it was unanimous after some explaining to Andrew Horowitz, the only out-of-stater. I was basically Rob’s very inexperienced hired gun until we covered “Blinded By The Light” at the [[Blind Pig]]. Then Andrew wrote “[[Good Day]],” I wrote “[[Ruler Of Everything]],” etc."''
On the 2006 website, Joe's bio read [ thusly]...
=== "Where's Joe?" Controversy of 2010 ===
In March of 2010, Joe was not present for the tour with [[Jukebox The Ghost]] and [[Skybox]]. [[Casey Shea]] filled in for Joe (vocals and guitar), whilst wearing a black necktie. The band told the crowds that, due to unforeseen circumstances, Joe had to back out of the tour at the last minute, but nothing was said after. Curiously, in the months leading up to this surprise, Joe cleared out his [[Twitter]] posts and deleted (or well-hid) his FaceBook page. The March tour went on, and more questions arose than answers. It was discovered that Joe was in fine health, but no one provided a clear explanation on his absence. Months went by, and in September of 2010, a show at Denison University occurred with Casey Shea in lieu of Joe, once again. This controversy began feeding the anger amongst fans who were already riled up over the delayed release of [[Good & Evil]], which had its ETA pushed back multiple times.
October 2010 brought more curious changes to the as-yet-untold story of Joe Hawley and his involvement with the band. He moved to Nashville, Tennessee. The short story there was that his lease was up in Brooklyn, and a friend of his was moving to Nashville and invited Joe to stay with him. A few months later, he moved back to Michigan, where he currently resides.
Joe, officially, addressed his "disappearance" on Tally Hall's June 15 Ustream, over a year after his original disappearance occurred. "My personal life and my professional life intersected in a way that may have been considered unsavory," he explained. "Given that conflict, I was unable to tour." No band members have given a further explanation to this statement.
=== Miracle Musical ===
Joe is one of the founding members of [[ミラクルミュージカル]], AKA: <b>Miracle Musical</b>, spearheading the project and collaborating with fellow Tally Hall members, and producer [[Bora Karaca]] to create a full-length LP entitled: [[Hawaii: Part II]], which was released on the 12th of December, 2012.
=== Joe Hawley Joe Hawley ===
On October 21st, 2016 Joe Hawley released a comedy hip-hop album entitled" [[Joe Hawley Joe Hawley]], his first solo release under his given name. On April 16th 2019, Joe released a reversed version of the album, entitled: [[γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ γɘlwɒH ɘoႱ]], this was done to avoid copyright issues.
==Solo Work==

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