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took 2006 bio content from doubleOOP and put it in an accordion on this page.
The first band Rob was ever in was called [[Source]]. While attending Andover High School, he formed a band called [[listedBlack]] with current Tally Hall band mate [[Zubin Sedghi]].
On the 2006 website, Rob's bio read [ thusly]...
<p>On the 2006 website, Rob's bio read <span class="mw-customtoggle-myDivision mw-customtoggle">thusly:</span></p>
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rob is the one in the yellow tie. he hails from the rough-n-tumble streets of suburban detroit, where people constantly get into &quot;beat it&quot;-style knife-fights. he went to high school with zubin. after graduation, rob moved to ann arbor to begin studying for the mcats. meanwhile, an elusive, echoey voice constantly urged him to form a band. he did.
when not tally halling, rob studies molecular and cellular biology. his favorite dvd, at the moment, is &quot;sports night: the complete series.&quot; a must see. rob's songs are specially designed for romantic comedies starring hugh grant.
here are some other things about rob:
# a large baby, rob broke his mom's coccyx during labor.
# rob is an eagle scout.
# rob is english for &quot;to steal&quot;
# rob wonders, &quot;did biblical characters ever make small talk?&quot;**
# rob was reading zubin's bio. he noticed that zubin's favorite stage of mitosis is telophase. rob thinks zubin likes telophase because this is when the cleavage furrow develops, and zubin's one-track mind is amused by the word cleavage.
# rob likes kurt vonnegut and barack obama.
# npr is the greatest, says rob.<br>
# rob owns but has never read the following books:
## the federalist papers
## the tao of pooh
## the social transformation of american medicine (a pulitzer prize winner!)
# number nine. number nine. number nine. number nine? number nine.
# rob loves you.
# rob is puzzled by the word biweekly. it means both twice a week and once every two weeks.
&#42;&#42; ''this insight is courtesy of ben rosenblatt.''
== Fun Facts ==

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