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# rob is puzzled by the word biweekly. it means both twice a week and once every two weeks.
&#42;&#42; ''this insight is courtesy of ben rosenblatt.''</i><ref>[ Rob's Bio from the 2006 Tally Hall webpage. Content archived at]</ref></blockquote>  During Tally Hall's hiatus, Rob released two songs based around celebrities: the first of which was [[Shia Labeouf]], which was uploaded to Soundcloud on the 3rd of March 2012,<ref>[ Shia Labeouf. 2012. Rob Cantor.]</ref> and the second was [[Christian Bale Is At Your Party]], which was uploaded to YouTube July 18th, 2012.<ref>[ CHRISTIAN BALE IS AT YOUR PARTY by Rob Cantor (AUDIO ONLY). July 18th, 2012. (Video removed?). YouTube. Accessed 21st June, 2019.]</ref>Shia Labeouf went on to become a viral hit, sparking a re-release of an extended live version, which too, became a viral hit. On the 14th of June 2019, Rob announced that he had spent the last year writing music and lyrics for Disney's "T.O.T.S." (Tiny Ones Transport Service), a show aimed at kids 2-7 years old.<ref>[ T.O.T.S. announcement. Rob Cantor's Instagram page. 14th June 2019.]</ref> In June 2019, [[Andrew Horowitz]] revealed on his Instagram page that "Every year-ish Rob sends out royalty payments with a letter attached. they are always...pertinent and...truthful." in the most recent letter it is addressed from Art Bronco Inc in the style of a bulletin. It reads:<blockquote><i> Dear employee: CONGRATULATIONS! We are proud to announce that <u>the SEC approved our merger</u>. As of June 12, 2019, Art Bronco Inc has officially been acquired by Sheng-Tsu Holdings. After a long and challenging negotiation, we feel this is the absolute best decision for the company. Everyone will receive immediate raises. In light of recent sales trends, we can increase salaries across the board by 20%. Sheng-Tsu has offered to construct a new state-of-the-art gym facility on campus. Vacation time has doubled, and pets are now welcome at the office. We fought hard for our team because we love you guys, in fact, we only have make a single layoff! Unfortunately, if you are receiving this letter, the layoff is you. Good luck out there, Rob cantor and everyone here are Sheng-Tsu Holdings</i><ref>[ Andrew Horowitz. Royalty Payments letter. Instagram.]</ref></blockquote>
* [ Facebook Musician's Page]
* [ Rob Cantor on Bandcamp]
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