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→‎History: updated to show that Bernie Michael is real
== History ==
On the Tally Hall website, there have been two biographies posted; one in 2006<ref name=bio2006>[ Tally Hall 2006 bio, archived at:]</ref>
and one in 2008, the latter of which is written by friend of the possibly fictional "band Bernie Michael", who is not fictitious.<ref name=bio2008>[ Tally Hall 2008 bio, archived at:]</ref><ref>[ Hidden In The Sand Twitter, confirming that Bernie Michael is a real person.]</ref>
Andrew, the only member not originally from Michigan, began writing songs when he was eight years old and eventually headed to the University of Michigan to study composition. There he met Rob and Zubin, who both attended the same high-school and played in a band called [[listedBlack]]. The three formed a band (name unknown) and played small shows around the University of Michigan dorms, where all 5 members went to school.

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