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{{Infobox Person
|name = Bernie J. Michael
|photo = Bernie_j_michael_tally_con_2011_screenshot.jpg
|relation = Friend of the band
|birth_date = Unknown
|hometown = Unknown
|death_date = <!-- death date (optional) -->
|death_place = <!-- death place (optional) -->
|residence = Unknown
|otherNames = <!-- other names of person (optional) -->


Bernie J. Michael wrote an epic biography in 2008 for [[Tally Hall]] (see that page for bio).

It was so in depth and obscure, many people believed Bernie was a made up person. That was, until he showed up at the final show of the 2011 Good & Evil Tour. It was there that the elusive Bernie. J. Michael surprised everyone with his presence, bearing gifts in hand, and generally providing a cheerful attitude towards everyone he came in contact with.

Not much is known about Mr. Michael at this point. Maybe not much needs to be known. He is an international man of mystery and maybe he likes it that way. If he doesn't, this wiki is open to him and anyone else to fill out with other pertinent information about the man we call Bernie J. Michael.

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