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The first band Rob was ever in was called [[Source]]. While attending Andover High School, he formed a band called [[listedBlack]] with current Tally Hall band mate [[Zubin Sedghi]]. He went on to study Cell and Molecular Biology the University of Michigan;<ref name=facebook>[ Rob Cantor's Personal Facebook Page.]</ref> where he met bandmate [[Joe Hawley]]. In fall 2002, during their time at University, Rob joined Joe's comedy troupe [[AnonyMous]], and played a role in his senior thesis film: [[The Other Way]].
<p>On the 2006 website, Rob's bio read thusly:
&#42;&#42; ''this insight is courtesy of ben rosenblatt.''</i><ref>[ Rob's Bio from the 2006 Tally Hall webpage. Content archived at]</ref></blockquote>
During Tally Hall's hiatus, Rob released two songs based around celebrities: the first of which was [[Shia Labeouf]], which was uploaded to Soundcloud on the 3rd of March 2012,<ref>[ Shia Labeouf. 2012. Rob Cantor.]</ref> and the second was [[Christian Bale Is At Your Party]], which was uploaded to YouTube July 18th, 2012.<ref>[ CHRISTIAN BALE IS AT YOUR PARTY by Rob Cantor (AUDIO ONLY). July 18th, 2012. (Video removed?). YouTube. Accessed 21st June, 2019.]</ref>
Shia Labeouf went on to become a viral hit, sparking a re-release of an extended live version, which too, became a viral hit.
On the 14th of June 2019, Rob announced that he had spent the last year writing music and lyrics for DisneyJunior's show "T.O.T.S." (Tiny Ones Transport Service), a show aimed at kids 2-7 years old.Rob says: <i>"“I want the music to be accessible for kids, but also something that parents will really enjoy listening to as much as their kids.”</i><ref>[ T.O.T.S. announcement. Rob Cantor's Instagram page. 14th June 2019.]</ref><ref>[ 'Hip Tunes for Toons: Top Composers on Creating Eclectic Soundtracks'. Mallory, Michael. 2019.]</ref>
In June 2019, [[Andrew Horowitz]] revealed on his Instagram page that "Every year-ish Rob sends out royalty payments with a letter attached. they are always...pertinent and...truthful." in the most recent letter it is addressed from Art Bronco Inc in the style of a bulletin. It reads:

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