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Removed mention of the fan-made music video. Not only are the facts wrong about it (it was originally uploaded in 05/06), but it's just another fanmade music video (although a very good one!) and doesn't need to be mentioned here.
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'''The Bidding''' is a song by [[Joe Hawley]]. The 2005 version of The Bidding is at a faster tempo to the 2008 version, which is significantly slower to the point that it adds roughly 10 seconds to the overall length. The later version, released by Atlantic Records, is a new recording and not simply a slower master of the ’05 release.
Sometime in 2009, an animated music video was uploaded to the flash animation website The video was animated by Ben Kling (Croissant_Savant), and featured the 2005 version of the recording.<ref>[ The Bidding - Albino Blacksheep]</ref>
=== Trivia ===
[[Ross Federman]] is the rapid-fire auctioneer voice in the instrumental bit just before the last verse. <ref>[ "Ross is the auctioneer" YouTube Video.]</ref>
=== Inspiration ===
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