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== Studio Recording ==
Also in 2006, they Tally Hall recorded a studio version of it 'Just A Friend' but decided not to release it the song because they weren't happy with it and were likely still tired of the song in general. When asked about it in 2007, they had stated that they didn't believe it was very good in hindsight.
Through a change of heart, they fixed some things they weren't happy with and decided to release it as a download for those who bought the 2008 [[Atlantic Records]] re-release of [[Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Album)|Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum]].
In December 2015 Tally Hall's cover version was released as part of the bandcamp exclusive release: [[Admittedly Incomplete Demos]]<ref name=justafriend>[ Just a Friend on Bandcamp]</ref>
In August 2019, after years of inactivity, the band came together to make the combined decision to distribute ''Just a Friend'' on all popular streaming platforms for the first time. <ref>[ Just A Friend on Spotify]</ref> It is believed that this was done in response to a strong and growing monthly listenership on Spotify (nearly 350k at the time of the release) despite the band's hiatus.
== Trivia ==

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