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"skills" (the napolean dynamite kind): drumming and other various percussion
favorite color: green.......(i hate you andrew)
good bands: Zeppelin, beatles, ben folds, bnl, radiohead, lots of others
good drummers: dennis chambers, also lots of others
favorite pixel on my computer screen: 297 from the left, and 172 from the bottom
other percussive engagements: snare drummer in michigan marching band, drums in men's basketball band
work:.... yeah
major: cell and molecular biology, planning on attending med school after undergrad (oooh rob, zubin and i have so much in common)
drumset: pearl session (replace with "yamaha" as soon as i purchase a new one)
sticks: vater fusions
least favorite quality about myself: never knowing what to write on profiles</i></blockquote>

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