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{{Infobox song
|title = Greener
|albumart = MMMM08.jpg
|writer = Rob Cantor
|singer = [[Rob Cantor]] |album = [[Party Boobytrap]], [[Complete Demos]], [[Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Album)|Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum]]
|language = English
|genre = Rock
'''Greener''', is a song by [[Rob Cantor]].
=== Inspiration ===  === Recording ===  === History ===Also from [[Party Boobytrap]] and [[Complete Demos]]. When moved to [[Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Album)|MMMM]], the lyrics in the bridge were replaced with a guitar solo.
The original lyrics of the bridge were:
to the shoulder that's become me."</pre>
The [ Trivia ===channel music video] for Greener debuted in the 9th episode of [[Tally Hall's Internet Show]].
<!--===LyricsRecording ===<pre=== Trivia ===-->GreenerRob Cantor Here's that part againWhere everything's more than it should be andGreener seems to fall beneath your feet Seconds tick like bouldersWhenever you don't callDoes it seem like that where you areWherever it is you areDoes it seem like that where you are Time for time togetherAnd depending on the weatherWe'll either argue in yourHouse or outside How different I feltBefore I got this notch on my belt'Cause in my plans you were all for meYeah but now it seems that you'd just rather leave [Chorus]:Wherever you goIs breaking me slowlyDon't leave it aloneDon't leave it aloneYou sound so much further on the phoneYou fit just rightRight next to meBut there's always a reason why it can't be Telephones make you seem miles away from homeAll alone I get a little meanerI leave a message at your toneAnd miles away from homeYou get a little cleaner of meAnd I find a little greener shade of envy
[Guitar Solo]
Wherever you areIs breaking my heartDon't leave it aloneDon't leave it alone{{Magic Lyrics}}
You fit just right
Right next to me


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