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added fanjournal to final pingry school appearance
{{Show|m=3|d=24|y=05|venue=The Blind Pig|city=Ann Arbor|state=MI|notes=<span id="2005"></span>$6 / Under 21: $9... 18+... Doors 9:30 p.m.}}
{{Show|m=4|d=4|y=05|venue=Michigan Union|city=Ann Arbor|state=MI}}
{{Show|m=5|d=13|y=05|venue=Pingry School|city=Martinsville|state=NJ|fanjournal=|notes=Released The Pingry EP at this show. Final appearance at The Pingry Spring Fling|gallery=}}
{{Show|m=6|d=25|y=05|venue=MMC10 at The Crowne Plaza Hotel|city=Harrisburg|state=PA|notes=Millennium Music Conference 10 - at The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Harrisburg, PA|gallery=|youtube=}}
{{Show|m=7|d=18|y=05|venue=The Mod Club|city=Toronto|state=ON}}

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