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'''Just a Friend''' is a song by the 1980's hip-hop artist '''Biz Markie ''' that [[Tally Hall]] is known well for covering. This cover is sung by [[Rob Cantor]] during the verses and [[Zubin Sedghi]] during the chorus. It is one of Tally Hall's most well known covers, as they closed out nearly every show with it since the band's earliest days. It became such a popular song in their act, they got a bit tired of it and didn't want to be known solely by this cover song, so they decided to retire it around 2005/6. However, due to popular demand, it was put back into the set not long after, which arguably makes this song one of the reasons that helped the band stand out amongst its peers in the early days and led to sold out shows at places like The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor.
== Studio Recording ==

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