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{{Infobox song
|title = Welcome To Tally Hall
|albumart = MMMM08.jpg |writer = [[Joe Hawley]], [[Rob Cantor]], [[Zubin Sedghi]] |singer = [[Joe Hawley]], [[Rob Cantor]], [[Zubin Sedghi]] |album = [[Welcome To Tally Hall (EP)]], [[Complete Demos]], [[Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (Album)|Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum]]
|language = English
|genre = Rock
'''Welcome To Tally Hall''' is often abbreviated to "WTTH". It is not a song, but a love-child of the brains of Joe Hawley, Rob Cantor, and Zubin Sedghi.
The [ music video] for Welcome to Tally Hall debuted in the 4th episode of [[Tally Hall's Internet Show]].
=== Inspiration ===
=== Recording ===
=== History ===
Originally from the [[Welcome To Tally Hall (EP)]] and included on [[Complete Demos]]. When moved to MMMM, there were some slight word changes, such as "homophonic" to "heterophonic." The intro and outro are new as well as the opening notes of the song which were originally not NES-soundingchiptune=== Trivia ===  ==Lyrics==<pre>Welcome To Tally HallJoe Hawley/Rob Cantor/Zubin Sedghi Can I get a T?And if you hit me with the A-L-L-YThen you'd see whyThe Hall is here for y'allThe mini mall is calling us all in So kidsPack up your mom's carBack up the WindstarKick it in drive and arriveAt the mega martSlide the side hatch with pride 'cause your ties matchOn booty duty like your name was Eddie Thatch WWTHD?We like to kick it at the univesityBut all work and no play makes us crazySo we jump in the bumping SUV Hit the street get the sweet tunes onDo a donut on your mama's front lawnAnd sooner than you knowYou've found the rock 'n' roll showAt the Tizzy Hizzy we'll be gone [Chorus]:Were in the mini-mallWorking the carnivalWe like to play it allWelcome to Tally Hall Who's to blame?The automated players, I proclaim Yellow tie the sauve fellow writesHeterophonic tunes of how love bitesRed the proud loud guy we adoreIs my amp too high?No, turn it up moreSo Grey in the back sipping 'gnac can hearHe's knocking down the shots like Bill Laimbeer Send home the locksmith: Greens got the keysTo unlock the rock in the act, if you pleaseNow open the caseGive Blue the bassAnd jiggle your boodiggle all over the place [Chorus] x 2 Can I get a click?Flick off of the switchAnd we'll ignite the night in pitch Singing songs you like to hearAnd the world will dissapearThen we'll be glowing in the darkLighting up the park Revealing that the Hall is the place that aims to pleaseWith unpredictable games and antiquitiesThey're collectibles so delectableThe unreliable style's undetectable Like I might rap like an English chapTake you by the knickers and I'll bum your slapYou didn't think we had the gallWell bloody welcome to Tally Hall We're stereosonicWe're animatronicWe're rapping with the robo-electronic EbonicsA quick distractionA mechanic attractionGot a penny in your pocket for the slotRock
Hey ho don't you knowIt's a good old-fashioned puppet showThat's right, quite the setWe're the marionette quintet=== Trivia ===
We think were playing * The Ford Windstar is a minivan sold from 1995 to 2003, renamed the Freestar in 2004.* Eddie Thatch refers to the pirate Blackbeard* WWTHD? stands for What Would Tally Hall Do?, which references a bandpopular Christian motto from the 90'sBut we* 'd love gnac refers to give you all cognac, a brandy named after a town in France.* Bill Laimbeer is a handretired basketball player and current WNBA coach.* Ebonics refers to English speech patterns primarily spoken by African Americans.
We think were playing in a bandBut we'd love to give you all a hand</pre>{{Lyrics:Welcome To Tally Hall}}
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