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A native of Warren, N.J., '''Andrew Horowitz ''' began piano studies at the age of five and was composing by age eight.
In high school, he pursued private composition and piano studies with faculty at the Juilliard School. He also played in the New York Youth Symphony, led an active jazz quartet, musical directed for several musical theatre productions, and worked as a freelance pianist.
eye color: brown
height: 5'10'' (give or take an inch)
likes: ice-cream, indie flicks, laughter, smiles, the sky....
why he's stayed in the band: he writes songs, owns a keyboard and amp (and the rehearsal p.a. system!), and plays a mean tambourine and meaner maracas.
musical obsessions: Brian Wilson, sly and the family stone, Mahler, Gil Evans, Uri Caine, everything. he is obsessed.
literature/poetry obsessions: e.e.cummings, john Irving, Edward Gorey, lots of other stuff. currently graphic novels.
favorite overused words: awesome, splendid
favorite finger: 4th finger on left hand. seriously.
favorite color: not green. probably blue. interesting, huh?
Serious facts.....
selected musical groups/places he's been or is in:
ny youth symphony (for one year.........and then....not.), Toy Orchestra (his current 25-piece experimental indie band (damn)), Baker Bros (hip-hop project remixing classical music and rhymes), Aspen Music Festival, Interlochen, LA schola cantorum counterpoint workshop in paris
most recently studied composition with: Karen Tanaka and William Bolcom.
stuff he's won: 2 Hopwood awards for fiction and poetry, 2004 John Lennon scholarship for "Good Day," performed and recorded by Tally Hall
will graduate in April 2005 with: bm composition and ba English lit and language.
current projects: contemporary music commissions, a musical, a film score for sir Joseph Hawley, writing good pop songs...
he also is a music journalist for the Michigan daily. that is why tally hall is rarely mentioned in the paper. it is against the rules.</i></blockquote>

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