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Welcome To Tally Hall (Song)

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=={{Lyrics==<pre>:Welcome To Tally HallJoe Hawley/Rob Cantor/Zubin Sedghi}}
Can I get a T?
And if you hit me with the A-L-L-Y
Then you'd see why
The Hall is here for y'all
The mini mall is calling us all in
So kids
Pack up your mom's car
Back up the Windstar
Kick it in drive and arrive
At the mega mart
Slide the side hatch with pride 'cause your ties match
On booty duty like your name was Eddie Thatch
We like to kick it at the univesity
But all work and no play makes us crazy
So we jump in the bumping SUV
Hit the street get the sweet tunes on
Do a donut on your mama's front lawn
And sooner than you know
You've found the rock 'n' roll show
At the Tizzy Hizzy we'll be gone
Were in the mini-mall
Working the carnival
We like to play it all
Welcome to Tally Hall
Who's to blame?
The automated players, I proclaim
Yellow tie the sauve fellow writes
Heterophonic tunes of how love bites
Red the proud loud guy we adore
Is my amp too high?
No, turn it up more
So Grey in the back sipping 'gnac can hear
He's knocking down the shots like Bill Laimbeer
Send home the locksmith: Greens got the keys
To unlock the rock in the act, if you please
Now open the case
Give Blue the bass
And jiggle your boodiggle all over the place
[Chorus] x 2
Can I get a click?
Flick off of the switch
And we'll ignite the night in pitch
Singing songs you like to hear
And the world will dissapear
Then we'll be glowing in the dark
Lighting up the park
Revealing that the Hall is the place that aims to please
With unpredictable games and antiquities
They're collectibles so delectable
The unreliable style's undetectable
Like I might rap like an English chap
Take you by the knickers and I'll bum your slap
You didn't think we had the gall
Well bloody welcome to Tally Hall
We're stereosonic
We're animatronic
We're rapping with the robo-electronic Ebonics
A quick distraction
A mechanic attraction
Got a penny in your pocket for the slot
Hey ho don't you know
It's a good old-fashioned puppet show
That's right, quite the set
We're the marionette quintet
We think were playing in a band
But we'd love to give you all a hand
We think were playing in a band
But we'd love to give you all a hand

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