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=={{Lyrics==<pre>:The BiddingJoe Hawley}}
I've been sleeping in a cardboard box
Spending every dollar at the liquor shop
And even though I know I haven't got a lot
I try to give you love until the day you drop
I've been training like a Pavlov dog
Let my independence out to take a hike
All you got to do is activate my bell
And I'll fetch you anything you like
Going once! Going twice!
Every man here has a price!
Over where? Over there!
Sold! To not a single lady in here
I've been in like a thousand times
Dated every woman in the atmosphere
I've been to every continent
Broken all the hearts in every hemisphere
And if I'm not the type of guy you like to circumvent
Just remember not to love me when I disappear
I graduated at the top
I like to take advantage of the bourgeoisie
So if you have a fantasy of being a queen
Maybe you should blow a couple bucks on me
Going once! Going Twice!
Won't these gentlemen suffice?
Any here? Any there?
Any motions any where?
Going twice! Going thrice!
Guess this means we'll go four times a lady
I promise I'll be all you'll need, ever need
You'll never have to shop around (don't shop around)
And I'll give you all you'll ever need, ever need
Don't worry I will never let you down, let you down
Don't worry I will never let you down
So many ladies are wanting for mates
And the prospect are good but the date's never great.
Over here! Over there! Over where? Anywhere!
They're too busy with winning the bidding to care
And he's

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