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(This is an interpretation by fans and is what could be deciphered from the live recordings.)

Love of the sun
Came back again
To make it clear that
We never said it would meet demand

Shame on a martyr
Claiming friends from
either perspective at all

Big and small
And wet and dry
And right and wrong
And live and die
And stay and go
And love and lie
And all the hands that we forgot and

Sing while you hear it
Don’t deny it
We didn’t glance at the thought of it (that’s a stab in the dark)

Come back again
To make a stand with
Those who can stand with you too

High and low
And new and old
And stop and go
And hot and cold
And John and Yoko
Dark and light
It’s almost time to say goodnight to this


They took a lesson from their mother,
Told them that they were the same command

Wait for the brain to make completed
lies that decide every move

Words and numbers
Sounds and silence
Talk of peace
And keep the violence
No and yes
And we digress
With kings of sad and happiness, oh god

Big bad Betty of the ‘pocalypse
She opens her lips and it goes like this
When the golden rule and its surround collide
There’ll be nothing to love and there’ll be nowhere to hide

All the things we know, the things we’ve done,
All the things we think, and what we will and won’t,
Hope to tell you that nothing’s left
We’re all together and we’re all (indistinct)

Capitalist, communist
Did the hokey pokey and it went like this
We hate eachother and we love ourselves
It might be heaven and it might be hell

All the things we do, the things we say
All the things we read, and just walked away.


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