Steve Gallagher

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Steve Gallagher
Former Band Member
Current resident of: Royal Oak, Michigan


Steve Gallagher is Tally Hall's original drummer, and provided the drum recordings for Complete Demos.[1]

Steve left the band after a gig in New Jersey, May 2004; and was promptly replaced by current drummer Ross Federman.[2] An interview with the band once stated that Steve left because the band had become too serious a commitment for him, but there have also been rumors that he left over creative differences. It is believed that after Steve left the band he became a traveling salesman. As his bio says, "That's what happens when you quit Tally Hall."[2]

Steve's bio reads thusly:

It was a small, sweaty club in the middle of Detroit. On maybe a Tuesday. The crowd was on the edge of their feet. And after waiting forever, the main attraction took the stage, a band that dares to challenge. A band that never should have been. A band that got where they were on hard work. The Polyphonic Spree. And they stayed there and brought joy for almost two hours, never a dull moment, always inspiring. When they finished, Tim Delaughter and his crew left the stage. And the show would have ended there, except five collegiate students caught the attention of Mr. Delaughter. "Tally Hall, Tally Hall, Tally Hall. I love it. Tally Hall. It's got a ring. Who are they? What is it?" It was the t-shirt of Joe Hawley, guitarist for Tally Hall. Who are they and why do we care?

Well, first off, let's get the basics out of the way. They are five college students, three studying pre-med, one a film and writing major, and a music composition and English major. Tally Hall officially began in December 2002 when Rob Cantor, Zubin Sedghi, and Andrew Horowitz performed a set of originals and covers at a small theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan. During that show…(flashback)

(Middle of some cheesy Third Eye Blind cover, Rob's cell phone goes off. He stops the song to the dismay of Andrew and Zubin and actually answers the phone, holding it up to the microphone. The audience laughs.)

Rob: Hello? Joe: Jam. What's up. Rob: Umm…we're in the middle of the concert. Joe: No, seriously. What's up? How did it go? Sorry I couldn't make it. Rob: No seriously, you're talking to the microphone. Joe: Gotta go.

(Joe hangs up phone. Rob smiles. Lights out.)

Well, Joe wound up joining Tally Hall as the guitarist. And then a man by the name of Steve Gallagher, residing with Rob and Andrew, decided he wanted in on the drums. And so it was. Tally Hall.

The first show as a full band took place at a frat. The band made an early decision to play music with an emphasis on craft, and with five perfectionists, so it was. And the audience at the frat was not too appreciative. But the band trudged on.

Show after show their wonky 3-part harmony and crafty songs began catching on and a following was built. Their first few months included three performances at Ann Arbor's rock Mecca, The Blind Pig.

In April 2003 they recorded Partyboobytrap e.p. The name was chosen strictly because it is a palindrome. A year passed with more concerts. And in April 2004 came Welcome to Tally Hall e.p. And then they combined the CDs and added a bonus track and got Complete Demos, which is what the tracks are. They were all recorded on a video camera, each track one by one, and self-edited/produced by the band in their attic.

After a May 2004 gig in New Jersey, the band replaced Steve with the nimble Ross Federman. Steve, after amiably leaving the band, became a traveling salesman. Believe it. That's what happens when you quit Tally Hall.

Also in that May, the band received their first national exposure as the in-studio guest on the Mitch Albom Radio Show. Mr. Albom said, "They look like their twelve, but these guys are very talented. You'll be hearing a lot from them."

And the band further received national exposure when Andrew's "Good Day" won 1st place in the John Lennon Scholarship Competition, run by BMI and Yoko Ono. Frequently asked question regarding the adventure: "How was Yoko Ono?" Andrew's programmed reply is, "She's awesome."

More recently they have infiltrated the web, earning recommendations on dozens of websites, winning many songwriting awards, and having their videos watched all over the world through the web and at film festivals. Tally Hall has developed a huge local following of the best fans in the world. Their national and international following is substantial, and they plan on touring sometime in the near future. They are also working on a new CD, combining professionally recorded songs both new and old, all originals.

They are very appreciative of all the support and encouragement. It's nice to know a few guys with a vision in the Midwest can make their voices heard.

Finally, the name Tally Hall comes from an old funhouse which now goes by the name of Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum. Also, the ties were inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, because everyone likes the Ninja Turtles. Including Tally Hall. And there you have it, the little independent band that could, "Tally Hall, Tally Hall, Tally Hall…"

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Steve's middle name is Horatio.
  • For a short while, before the name "Tally Hall" was chosen as the band's name, they went by the name "Gallagher".