Stranded Lullaby (Demo)

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Stranded Lullaby (Demo)
Written by Joe Hawley
Appears on Hawaii: Part II: Part ii
Sung by Joe Hawley
Genre Lullaby
Language English

Stranded Lullaby is a song by Joe Hawley. This demo version, appearing on Hawaii: Part II: Part ii, features a completely alternative set of lyrics, while keeping the the same background music. The alternate lyrics are geared much less subtly towards love than the version that appears on Hawley's Hawaii: Part II. Joe has stated that he felt insecure with the lyrics in this version, having Allison Hanna help him to revise them in 2012.


You and I haven't been before
And all the love from times of yours never mourn now
I don't know how

Lullaby only made for two
I've waited since the start of time to sing it now for you
And I love you
I really do

It's all been heard before
But now I mean it more
Hear me here
Someday my voice might not be near

Here we are floating in the dark
And though we don't know where we're going we embark on
Sail on, sail on

We've only so much time
I wish you could be mine, evermore
Maybe there's nowhere to explore

I was made for you
You were made for me
Simply you and me were made to be
It's standard fare
But I don't care
Right now, we're now

Lullaby floating in the dark
Along with all the other songs that came before ours
Lost in the stars

I won't be overdue
This song was meant for you

I'll love you till you're gone
Our song goes on and on
Goodnight and maybe we're sleeping after all