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This is the TALK/Discussion page for the Untitled 2010 Release. Here is where we will discuss thoughts, theories, etc. on the topic at hand.


  • Who added "The Black Death" ? Looks like Billy V. to me. Whoever it is, can you provide some sort of validation before such information is listed as "confirmed" by ~ Coz
  • Twas not I, sir. I traced the IP back to Orlando, FL (I live in Jacksonville.) Whoever it is goes to UCF. Who wants to scour the members' Facebooks to find a match? heh. ~ billyvau
  • It's ok. The song is not listed now, which is all I was going to do at this point anyway. ~ Coz

THE GAP[edit]

  • We're fairly certain we are hearing the bridge of The Gap being played during Boralogue VII. Until further notice this is 80% confirmed. ~ Coz
  • As much as I hope it's The Gap, the notes don't sound the same to me, I feel it's also similar enough to Mind Control. I think I'm more certain that we'll see the title "Out In The Twilight" on the album than "The Gap"~ Dwight
  • I'm listening more to the beat. It's pretty darn near identical. The notes and key can change. For instance, the key of Ruler of Everything was changed not long before recording MMMM. ~ Coz
  • After hearing Cannibal, I'm sure that is what is being played in Boralogue VII. I am sad, because I really wanted The Gap as well. ~ Dwight
  • Hang on, hang on... In the beginning of Boralogue VII, yes, I think I'd agree that's Cannibal. But the part that I thought (and still think) is The Gap is at 1:04 (the nose-pinch scene). That, again, I believe to be the bridge of The Gap. (Note the difference: In Cannibal's bridge, Ross is hitting sticks on the rims, versus a light snare usage in The Gap (and in the nose pinch scene).) ~ Coz
  • I really hope so. I'm definitely a fan of The Gap.~ Dwight
  • The Gap is now called The Trap. But this is a very recent change. I suspect if it was recorded, it was done so as "The Gap"... and therefore there's a very good chance this will not be on Good & Evil. --Coz 20:41, 5 March 2010 (UTC)
  • What makes you think that? The video of The Gap that I've seen was way back in May of last year, and The Trap sounds like it but much more mature. In the Boralogue when Zubin pinches Rob's nose, I feel like that sounds more like "The Trap" than "The Gap." My guess is that it just evolved into The Trap and will be on the album. ~Mike
  • My point is, during the time they were in the studio, it was still called The Gap (according to vids of how they played it during their Dec 09 tour). So, by that logic, the name change occured AFTER they recorded it... therefore if it was gonna be on the record, it's gonna be on there as The Gap, and I dont think they want that, if its since changed names/some lyrics. --Coz 23:24, 5 March 2010 (UTC)
  • Gap is Trap, Zubin said they recorded it with the new lyrics. I am happy. - Dwight
    • Thats so weirddddd!!! Didnt they play it as The Gap in december??? But I am happy too. --Coz 19:47, 7 March 2010 (UTC)
      • I honestly can't recall if it was played in December, I think it may have been, but it's too fuzzy to remember. Either way, I'm glad they recorded it, the new lyrics and parts threw me off for a second, but it's definitely grown on me and at heart it's the same song, just matured a little more. - Dwight


  • Can whoever added "Misery Fell" provide their source? At this point, we only have The Boralogues to go by and we've yet to hear that song, even though we are all assuming it will be recorded. Thanks. ~ Coz
  • Last night, Boralogue VIII went up but apparently was deleted sometime around this morning. In the latter half of this Boralogue, Misery Fell can be heard briefly while Andrew pretended to play the guitar. ~ billyvau
  • Catch any other songs in the B-log? ~ Dwight
  • I think they just worked on Hymn for a Scarecrow more. Explanation as to why it was taken down by Bora here: ~ billyvau
  • Thank you! ~ Coz


  • Call me old fashioned, but I don't yet feel comfortable claiming this is a song yet. I think it's a very reasonable assumption, but we've never heard of this song yet and don't know anything about it. There's no actual proof of it being a song, just that we've seen the phrase written in 1 (and a half) places. So, although I do predict we'll find this is a song title, it's just not something we can say FOR SURE, yet. ~ Coz


  • From the recent photo that ross posted, it looks like the song '&' is on the chart. Plus, they're recording A Lady, so I'd imagine that & would be recorded too. - CantelopeSkiz
  • Mr. Skiz, which block is & in? I assume it's being recorded too, but I couldn't see it. I see a D fourth from the bottom and I thought maybe they wrote "AND" to be funny, but I didn't see it anywhere else. ~ Dwight
  • They played this sonng, in St. Paul/Minneapolis. While talking to Rob, after their set, he mentioned that all of the 'new' songs that they played that night would, in fact, be on their new record. - CantelopeSkiz(who goes by View-Monster on the Atlantic Tally Hall forums, though I've only posted like thrice)


  • I am totally baffled, dumbfounded and confused about how ya'll are able to be 100% certain of "You Are" "Mind Control" and "&" after watching Boralogue IX. Please, someone explain. I didn't think we even knew what You Are sounded like. What did I miss, here? ~ Coz
    • You Are was bootlegged from a residency show a while back. It is heard in Boralogue IX starting at 2:10 . Mind Control is heard first at 0:26 (lyrics are the same as in the Mind Control bootleg). & is from Boralogue VI at 2:55. It's the progression (G A B) from "either perspective at all." ~ billyvau
    • He's right, I flipped shit when I realized the lyrics from Mind control, it's the same as 36 seconds into mind control bootleg. It's clear that they're doing the bottom part of the harmony, like they did while recording Good Day (recording all 3 of them on each harmony), it's also a little slower, but there's not a doubt that we'll see Mind Control (in SOME form) on the next album, I would imagine in the trio of songs. And even though the quality isn't good on the bootleg (which I only first heard in the last week), that's DEFINITELY You Are (which sucks, i'd rather have Maybe in the Night, but whatever). ~ Dwight
    • I am not aware of this You Are bootleg.... ~ Coz
  • On a different topic, though related to possible songs...It sounds to me in Boralogue VIII at 1:53 that is could very well possibly be "I'm Gunna Win." Thoughts?~Mike
    • Hm. Just listened to it and I can't say for sure, but it sounds like You & Me to me. ~ Coz
    • I think it's Mind Control (you can hear the same chord changes from the end of it), but it's slower, which coincides with the slower vox recording from XI. Also, if you look at Andrew's playing after Ross stops drumming, you'll see a pattern that looks very similar to how Mind Control's main piano riff sounds. ~ billyvau

  • "Either that, or there will be some saved for bonus/hidden material or perhaps 2 songs were scrapped." Sorry, I had the same thought and asked Andrew. They only recorded 14 songs. If there are any bonus tracks it will be if Atlantic doesn't believe some tracks fit properly on the album, or if they want them to make bonus tracks (yes please). - Dwight
    • Ok, then you're saying that Andrew's 3-part song will be split into 3 tracks? 14 songs recorded but 16 tracks on the CD? That's the only way it would make sense. Because if you're saying there are only 14 tracks total, then where's the 3-parter? Its none of the songs we have listed - and it's not "You" because that's apparently a short little ditty. --Coz 18:24, 17 March 2010 (UTC)
      • That makes sense, because the only reason we believed 16 tracks was because of Ross's twitter pic, and that had 3 boxes with "Part 1", "Part 2", and "Part 3". So if those parts are of the same song, it means there are 14 songs... but it wouldn't surprise me if it's split into 3 tracks, so though it's 1 song, it's three tracks. - Dwight
        • Ok. Assuming Andrew does have this 3-part medley... then that would mean one of the songs we have listed is 1/3 of the medley. I suppose "You", seeing as it was short and not all that impressive to those who heard it, could be that 1/3. And for the record, I'm still putting my money on Joe having some sort of medley here. The "A Lady" and "&" is all just too incomplete to me to be left at that. There's gotta be something more. Both the titles together lead to this conclusion as well as the way "&" ends. I just have no idea where it could be.--Coz 23:26, 17 March 2010 (UTC)
          • With 14 songs, and the knowledge that we have of confirmed tracks, the only possible way Joe has a trilogy is if You is part of Andrew's medley. I know Mind Control is part of it, but I know it's not called Mind Control, they've adapted it. So, we could have a trilogy from Joe as well. But I think that it can also be fine as it is, as they are both just songs about duality. - Dwight