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This list of album recommendations was taken from a link found on their 2006 website, specifically in the "News" section.

Andrew Horowitz's (Green Tie) List of Music You Should Hear

Pet Sounds, the Beach Boys "I've probably listened to this album an unhealthy number of times. Essential listening/studying."

The Singable Songs Collection, Raffi "A recent Tally Hall favorite. Little do you realize the influence Raffi has had in your life."

Shostakovich: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 9 "I get chills every time I hear the 5th Symphony. Shostakovich is wonderful."

Pink Moon, Nick Drake "I'm obsessed with everything about this album. Everyone should own it."

Girls Can Tell, Spoon "One of my favorite bands at the moment. Britt Daniel does no wrong in my book."

Rob Cantor's (Yellow Tie) List of Music You Should Hear

Weezer (Blue Album) XO, Elliott Smith The Milk-Eyed Mender, Joanna Newsom OK Go Odessey and Oracle, the Zombies

"Reasons: They're five wonderful albums."

Zubin Segdhi's (Blue Tie) List of Music You Should Hear

(Note from wiki page author: Yes, there is a typo in his name on the original page.)

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Beatles "A classic album. Although it's kind of cliche and a bit corny, this really is a fantastic album and I can't help it."

Illinois, Sufjan Stevens "Sufjan may be my favorite living artist. His music evokes a mood of pleasantness or understanding. You can't help but feel like you understand life when this album is on."

Funeral, Arcade Fire "This album has such a rich sound. Not only are the songs good individually, but they work as a cohesive group."

Twin Cinema, the New Pornographers "Each song on this CD shifts and changes. Although it's not the easiest to digest initially, after a few listens, you learn to crave the intricacies."

Weezer (Blue Album) "My favorite rock album. The melody lines are awesome and the songs, while formulaic, are very solid."

Joe Hawley's (Red Tie) List of Music You Should Hear

Magical Mystery Tour, the Beatles Queen - Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 &2 Switched-On Bach, Wendy Carlos Midnite Vultures, Beck Rachmaninoff plays Rachmaninoff

"Reasons: Just trust me."

Ross's (Silver Tie) List of Music You Should Hear

OK Computer, Radiohead "After a couple of attempts, it's pretty clear that Radiohead really found their sound on this album. They find a perfect blend of electronic and organic instrumentation to create a sound that has become their signature through all of their later albums."

Illinois, Sufjan Stevens "Although a little lengthy, this album manages to take the listener through almost every emotion imaginable. The arrangements and the lyrics together are very powerful."

Abbey Road, the Beatles "Some Beatles albums tend to be very "singles" driven, and others are very much so appreciated more for their cohesion as an album. I find that this final attempt by the four of them is the perfect blend. The second half might be one of my favorite 15 or so minutes of rock music."

Before These Crowded Streets, Dave Matthews Band "This was in my opinion the peak of their experimentation as far as time signatures and instrumentation are concerned. The fact that they took a successful formula that had been proven on Crash and pushed it JUST a little bit more over the edge makes it by far my favorite of their albums."

Ben Folds Five "Such a straightforward pop rock album from a band that refused to conform to the current standards of guitar driven music. The simple formula of piano, bass, and drums is really a relief to listen to."