Tally Hall's Open Rehearsal

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Tally Hall's Open Rehearsal occurred on July 20, 2011. It was an event to raise money for Tally Hall's 2011 Summer Tour. The performance was streamed live through StageIt.

All members of the band were present, along with Bora who filmed the event.

It can be watched in its (buggy) entirety here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9E4ECCBF3A61E0B1


Questions Answered[edit]

The following questions were answered:

  • Invincibility vs. Invisibility: Zubin & Rob say they would choose invincibility; Ross says invisibility. Joe points out that one's movement can still be stopped while invincible (but not while invisible).
  • Zubin & Ross saw Harry Potter; Rob didn't.
  • Zubin speaks Farsi.
  • Joe got his pants at H&M.
  • Zubin's "wife & car are good" (though he doesn't have the former & this is a lyrical reference).
  • Ross' favorite city to play is New York.
  • Joe is offended to be associated with Mucka Blucka.
  • Rob chooses to check out a band called Maybe Means Yes; Joe says this brings up an interesting philosophical question (does maybe really mean yes?).
  • The moustache set-up crew will be attending this tour & is all new.
  • Zubin's favorite leg is a table leg.
  • Rob says the purple tie is for fans to wear; according to Joe, this is because it's the only remaining secondary color.
  • Andrew doesn't have a favorite band. He says he likes all music, (but not equally) because all music is creative.
  • Joe is not an outdoorsman.
  • They have seen the Banksy movie.
  • Andrew isn't quite a fan of Rebecca Black's new song.