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Written by {{{writer}}}
Appears on {{{album}}}
Sung by {{{singer}}}
Genre {{{genre}}}
Language {{{language}}}

Please use the Song Creator form on the front page to start a new song page. Below is the code for the infobox only.











How to use: Put this block of code in an artist's main page. Fill out the information between the brackets and then remove the <!-- and -->

 |title = <!-- Song Name -->
 |albumart = <!-- The filename of the (obviously already uploaded) photo, such as hello.jpg (optional) -->
 |writer = <!-- Example: Andrew Horowitz (DO NOT BRACKET/LINK THIS. IT DOES IT ON ITS OWN) -->
 |singer = <!-- Lead singer(s) on this song.  Bracket/link it. -->
 |album = <!-- Album(s) this song appears on. Bracket/link it. -->
 |duration = <!-- Length of song (optional) -->
 |genre = <!-- Rock is default genre. Please DO NOT use wonky or fabloo rock, we're looking for actual genres, here.  List other genres if there's a definite style heard such as Rap, Dixieland, Jazz, Doo-wop, etc. -->
 |language = <!-- EXAMPLE: English -->
 |addtlInfo = <!-- Any additional Info.-->