The Gobble Chicken Song

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The Gobble Chicken Song
Written by Joe Hawley
Appears on Unreleased
Sung by Joe Hawley
Genre Rock
Language English

The Gobble Chicken Song is a song by Joe Hawley. It's just a silly, little Joe Hawley original and not technically a Tally Hall song. Joe made it as part of a collection of demos he recorded to show Rob what he's capable of.


Everybody gather along,
It's time for the Gobble Chicken Song,
It's your favorite gobbly song,
And here it goes!

Gobble Chicken, (x2)
everybody gibble flibble 
gobble along,
mama habba robble,
Gobble to the Chicken Song

can you gobble like this?
can you gobble like that?
can you gobble mibble hobble 
flibble jibble kibble bibble
mobble hobble gobble yeah!