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  |album = [[Songs Played Live & Never Recorded| (Unreleased)]]
  |album = [[Songs Played Live & Never Recorded| (Unreleased)]]
  |writer = n/a
  |writer = n/a
  |singer = Kazoos, Andrew Horowitz
  |singer = Kazoos, [[Andrew Horowitz]]
  |genre = Rock
  |genre = Rock
  |language = Kazoo
  |language = Kazoo

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The Kazoo Song
Written by n/a
Appears on (Unreleased)
Sung by Kazoos, Andrew Horowitz
Genre Rock
Language Kazoo

The Kazoo Song may have an official title but no one knows what it is. It was performed only twice on 4/8/06 at The Blind Pig when the band played two sets back-to-back for two individual sold-out crowds.

They began their sets in total darkness, with this song, dressed in all-black outfits adorned with christmas lights which matched their respective tie colors (ie: Rob wore yellow lights, Joe wore red lights, etc) which were triggered using footswitches and only were lit when that band member was actively making sound.

The kazoo was the main instrument used in lieu of vocals, except for Andrew who sung a little through a vocal processor. Lyrics are unknown, although Bora has commented that there were no real lyrics at all, and that Andrew was speaking gibberish, mumbling, or speaking nonsense. It is unknown if Bora actually knows this or if he just said it to throw us off.


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