The Mind Electric (Sample - Sam Ku West Harmony Boys - "Sunkist Hawaii")

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Sunkist Hawaii
Hawaiian luau.jpg
Written by Sam Ku West's Harmony Boys
Appears on Hawaiian Luau of the 1920's, Hawaii: Part II: Part ii, Hawaii: Part II
Sung by Sam Ku West's Harmony Boys
Duration 2:49
Genre Hawaiian
Language English

Sunkist Hawaii is a song by Sam Ku West's Harmony Boys. Bits and pieces of it were sampled in The Mind Electric.


These lyrics are not official. Words in brackets are questionable in accuracy. You may discuss lyrical possibilities in the Discussion page by clicking the Discussion link above.

Sunkist Hawaii, I love you
Through your balmy air
Every [planet] there
I love the ocean blue about you
That sings me lullabye the whole night through
The yellow moon above
The faithful one she's keeping
While [the coral ???]
My heart [has stood]
Before your skies of blue
Sunkist Hawaii, I love you