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  |writer = Thomas Moore
  |writer = Thomas Moore
  |singer = Unknown
  |singer = Unknown
  |album = Admittedly Incomplete Demos
  |album = [[Admittedly Incomplete Demos]]
  |duration = 0:42
  |duration = 0:42
  |genre = Other
  |genre = Other

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The Minstrel Boy
Written by Thomas Moore
Appears on Admittedly Incomplete Demos
Sung by Unknown
Duration 0:42
Genre Other
Language English
Addtl. Info: The song is not actually listed on the Bandcamp page.

The Minstrel Boy is a song sung by an unknown member of Tally Hall. The song is not actually featured on the Admittedly Incomplete Demos Bandcamp page, but rather in the downloadable .zip file. The song appears to only feature a single member on multiple layers harmonizing with himself in an auto-tune fashion, until the song ends with the lyrics below.


  • The song is a traditional Irish tune.


 The Minstrel Boy to the war has gone.
 In the ranks of death you'll find him.