The Other Way

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The Other Way
The other way.png
Written by Joe Hawley
Appears on N/A
Sung by N/A
Duration 20:06
Genre Drama, Science Fiction
Language English, English (reversed)

The Other Way is a short film created/directed primarily by Joe Hawley. This film features a character going to a pizza place, discovering that he has now had an unwanted child with his girlfriend, and then all of them going to the pool. After seeing how "terrible" being a father is, Joe attempts to drown himself in the pool, instead beginning the main story element of the short film; that being that now everything is running backwards, it's a race against time to try and get the baby un-born.

According to Scotty Eckenthal, who uploaded the video to
Joe Hawley made "The Other Way" for his senior thesis at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. He actually posted the film on his band's website,, but when the band abandoned the website in favor of a MySpace page, their entire video section was lost. Most of those videos made it over to YouTube. This one, however, did not.[1]

The film's cast includes Bora Karaca as "Pizza Clerk", and Rob Cantor as "Calculator Nerd". The film also makes use of the Tally Hall song Ruler Of Everything

The Other Way can be viewed on vimeo here
YouTube user 'Sam Bell' uploaded a version of the video to YouTube but reversed, entitled: "The Other Way... The Other Way"[2]