The Pingry EP

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The Pingry EP is a collection of live, acoustic, and one-take performance demos realeased by Tally Hall in April 2005. The tracks were recorded using an Oktava MK012-01, with the exception of The Bidding, which was recorded in the University of Michigan studio. Originally, they were recorded to have something to give record companies, in addition to the Complete Demos, to show what other songs they've been working on.

It was named after The Pingry School in New Jersey, where Andrew went to high school. Tally Hall had been a staple band at the annual Pingry School Spring Fling concert for a few years but hasn't been back since 2005 where they officially released the EP to the public.

The Pingry EP was distributed in standard white paper CD envelopes, the kind with a transparent, round window on the front. Inside was the CD-R plus a B&W photocopied insert with the track listing and liner notes.

Track listing

  1. The Bidding
  2. Taken For A Ride
  3. Be Born
  4. The Whole World And You
  5. All Of My Friends
  6. Good Day
  7. Yearbook
  8. Just A Friend
  9. Cell Phone Call