Tomorrow and Today

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Tomorrow and Today
Written by Andrew Horowitz
Appears on Million Ribbons and Floating Stars
Sung by Andrew Horowitz
Duration 3:45
Genre Rock
Language English

Tomorrow and Today is a song by Andrew Horowitz. This song appears on a album organized by OndaRock, focused on experimental and psychedelic music.


 All around they it's gonna be ok
but it's just as we left it off from yesterday
for all the doubters and believers who are known
that all the thinking need be tampered with alone 
you see the problem with tomorrow and today 
is here to whisper to the plains our souls away
be home our wish is for the better will be seen
cause in the end there some that lose and some retain
cause see the problem with tomorrow and today
is here to trap us in a state of self-decay 
be home the wish is for the better will be seen
but in the end I guess some days we're all its game

all memories of the world are fading fast
pleading more and more  and more into the past
so let’s look forward let’s look downward towards our fate
ill ask the people and their rollers self away
for when the dust has cleared and we will ask this way
well keep on launching till we find what’s left to say
its not the game to find additions of the mind
to keep from  wallow in the place that's most divine
you see the problem with tomorrow and today
is here to torturer  us until its had its way
when dark falls into the world we think to seen
there's always those that cannot lose and cannot be
you see the problem from tomorrow yesterday
should not be written so be treasure will be slay
it insist no matter what to keep insane
but in the end it knows were all his game

lest we wait  un-til the end
be it some we can-not mend
how beside reflections of out bit to have control
lend out thinking carefully for wisdom has its taste
one not more than being loved
ask to wake miss from her hoof
riddle of the pieces of a puzzle up to sleep
forget about the fashion of a masquerading suite
the minutes of a mat
wing of  silver hat
minutes of a pact