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You found my userpage[edit]

Hallmanac revival 2k17

Important Stats[edit]


タ リ ハ ル

Joined fandom late during a vacation in the summer of the most recent '15.

Joined HITS September 7, 2017

Favorite Songs[edit]

The Mind Electric (V.2, H:P2 Medley version) for not using the inherently disturbing ECT as a cheap get-deep-quick scheme and how the section when the back half of Angry Bohemian Rhapsody hits is the most perfectly refined piece of music in the universe

Spring And A Storm (V.2, Album version) for JH's philosophical adventures part 2/4 and reminding me of Exile: Escape from the Pit (1995)

Taken For A Ride (V.1, Thicker Robot Voice version) for making good use of the up-down melody like Gradius's mighty Poison of Snake

Never Meant To Know for being just really genuine

Isle Unto Thyself (Demo) for the chorus→verse drop ooh yeah

Rotary Park for being the X-files of Tally Hall song secrets


I wish single spaced lines would not collapse into a single string of text

I should read this more

Someone please fix song page title capitalization I do not know how to move/delete pages