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Hey ahsdfklajdsfdsaf important words! It seems that you're just pasting in code from the lyrics template, but we've changed it! Could you start copying and pasting in the code from instead? Thank you SO MUCH!

Also it would be really cool if you were to omit the "Song Name / Writerguy" at the top of all forthcoming lyrics, but that's not necessary.

High fives for doing as much as you are! I'm going to correct the pre-existing pages now, but maybe you can do this for future happenings! Thank you! -User:j2

Looks great! I think we might also be forming a convention of writing out all of the lyrics instead of just [Chorus], so I'm pasting them in where applicable. -User:j2

I don't know how many other songs are left to add, but please try to use the new song template now because it corrected a bunch of stupid things I left out. You probably know this and I'm probably being condescending in a way, but I'm paranoid and I guess it's better to say it now than to have to correct some pages? Anyway, sorry! And seriously - thank you so hard for adding all of those pages! I'm going to throw together an artist infobox soon, as well as perhaps a more organized way to use your Songs That Haven't Been Recorded Yet (maybe some kind of automatic filter that adds it in unless it's found listed on an album page? WHO KNOWS) but yeah! One of my finest internets to you, sir!