White Ball

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White Ball
Written by Joe Hawley, Bora Karaca, Zubin Sedghi
Appears on Hawaii: Part II
Sung by Stephanie Koenig, Zubin Sedghi
Duration 3:35
Genre Alternative
Language English

White Ball is a song by Joe Hawley, Bora Karaca, and Zubin Sedghi. It is the 4th track on the album Hawaii: Part II.


  • Vocals: Stephanie Koenig & Zubin Sedghi
  • Electric Guitar: Joe Hawley
  • Electric Bass: Ryan Brady
  • Accordion: Bora Karaca
  • Castanets: Bora Karaca
  • Drum Kit: Ross Federman
  • Drum Engineering: Benjamin Collins & Ross Federman
  • Additional Violins: Jay Golden & Alyson Montez


Drift aloft in some effortless place
Bound by delicate dread
Saving no face

Air dissolves where one game is designed
Something's elegant find
So the program goes

Fate decides how these columns align
Birth by chess or benign
Every moment

Marble gods tango circles in space
Round the already dead
Hung by staircase

On and on the awakening light will bathe
Slumbers of ethereal sights
Today is renewed
Is reborn
Each day
I am new
I am yours

So please dismiss what they claim about this
Being in vain to explain
How expressed with a kiss
Taking passionate steps
Floor suspending abyss
Such impossible bliss
Such impossible bliss
Such impossible bliss
Such impossible bliss
Such impossible bliss
Such impossible bliss