White Ball (8​-​Bit)

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White Ball (8​-​Bit)
Hawaii Partii Cover.jpg
Written by Joe Hawley, Bora Karaca, Zubin Sedghi
Appears on Hawaii Partii
Sung by N/A
Duration 3:25
Genre 8-Bit, Chiptune
Language N/A
Addtl. Info: Instrumental

Murders (8-Bit) is an 8-Bit style chiptune version of the song White Ball by ミラクルミュージカル. This 8-Bit version features on the album Hawaii Partii.[1][2] Running at 3:25, this track is the longest on the album.

The track is the background music for the second half of the 'Caldera of Confusion' level in the Labyrinth video game. The song acts as the finale, as the player has to press corresponding arrow keys to "dance" along to the song; if done correctly, the player wins the game.